endless darkness
i am your {god}

and some men have sworn that in times of storm it crawls from the hole at the bottom of the sea and they have seen one of its red crests riding a wave and believe that it snaps ships with its huge seven heads filled with stone-like teeth

{tracks 'orichalcosgod'}

My name is Daheron, Leviathan God of Souls.

Apartment Searching!

Levi wandered around Domino, looking at various apartments. He liked a few of them, but most of them were a little too expensive. But Levi also had gold stashed away somewhere. He could use that to buy an apartment, right? After a few more hours of searching, he finally found one. It was near a game shop, which meant he could go and play Duel Monsters and whatnot. After a few days of going through frustrating paperwork, Levi had an apartment. He moved in a mattress and a few blankets, he had a kitchen, but he’d have to buy all the food. Without magic, life would be a little tougher. But ah well, at least this was the beginning of his normal life.

March 15, 2012 #YAAAY GAME SHOPS #:U #levi found an apartment

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